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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

This was going to be the topic of my MOMMA MOMENTS FB LIVE that I do, but with such a hectic schedule of late, I decided to start fresh with the LIVE in 2019 (1st Thursday in January). Nonetheless...

With Christmas just one day away (and since I've been up since 4am this morning by no choice of my own) and some of you perhaps are very last last minute shoppers who will be up early this morning trying to beat a crowd that you will likely just simply join; I want to provide you with some gift ideas just in case you are shopping for a caregiver and trying to figure out what to get. I'm going to give you some ideas that will not only save you some time today, but perhaps some money too. Here goes:

GIFT IDEA #1: Volunteer 1-2 hours of your time to stop by and give them a few hours of rest some time within the next few days and as often as you can. Caregiving can be exhausting, most especially if it's done alone. My mom is in the stage now where for the past few weeks, getting up between 3-4am has become her new normal at least 3-4 times a week. What does that mean for me? It's my new normal as well. I've had to adjust and try to get to bed earlier so that I can still function and be productive in other necessary areas of my life. Sometimes just being able get in an hour or two of a nap is priceless. Caregiving can also be very expensive, so you volunteering an hour or two would cost the caregiver less and give them an opportunity to get a few hours of rest or just needed time to themselves. The cost to you: Simply your time. #ThePerfectGift

GIFT IDEA #2: Cook a meal, buy a meal or give a restaurant gift card. You won't believe how much of a load not having to cook or purchase a meal for the day can take off of a caregiver. It's time that can be dedicated to handling other cares or just being able to relax for a few extra moments. The cost to you: Whatever amount you desire to spend. Any gesture of kindness would be appreciated by the caregiver. #ThePerfectGift

GIFT IDEA #3: Buy a movie pass, book a massage, a pedicure or something relaxing, stop by and make them leave while you stay and provide care for a few hours. #ThePerfectGift

GIFT IDEA #4: Stop by and watch a movie or television show with the caregiver. Caregiving can be a very lonely place. Oftentimes you only get a break when it's taken and there are very few phone calls or visits just to check on you to be sure you're ok; outside of what's seen in passing or the general response to the question of, "how are you? I'm good, and you?" The response is so a part of the norm that most people don't even stick around long enough for you to answer even if the answer was more. Care enough about the caregiver that you don't leave them alone in what could be a lonely place in their world right now. The cost to you: Your time. #ThePerfectGift

These are just a few ideas from the heart of a Caregiver, me. They are the things that are priceless but would mean the world to me. When I think of me, I consider the heart of every person who provides care for their loved ones or friends. They are small gestures that when given out of love and concern can have a huge impact and give added strength to a caregiver. Caregiving is no easy task, it's simply LOVE wrapped in the matter of CHOICE. It's my CHOICE and it's my HONOR.

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