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(Just thinking, reflecting, and thanking...) My mind goes back to a conversation with a friend who asked me, "If I could get one hour with my mom in her right mind, what would I talk with her about?" If I had that one hour today, I don't know if I would say as much as I would show. I would want her to see the clear reflection of herself in me, Destiny, and Kaylin. Every bit of who we are and what we do...the love, care, compassion, and service we give to because of God, and who she is! My Favorite Girl & Alzheimer's, I See My Destiny, Inc., and Kaylin's Caring Konnection, Inc. were birthed out of the life my mom consistently lived before me. She loves God, and she loved His people. By precept and example, she taught me to genuinely care for others. Strangers didn't exist--if you were in need and she could help, that's what she did! She just cared! Even living with dementia, she often comes up to me when I'm doing different things and says, "can I help you?" It's just her, it's who she is!

If I could get that hour, I would want her to see and be godly proud because the seeds she sowed through the years, is producing good fruit. The one thing I'll always be the proudest of, is being the daughter of Vera M. Johnson!!! God gets all of the glory for all of the wonderful things He is doing in all of our lives.

On this first day of Women's History Month, I salute you, Mom! #MyFavoriteGirl #LOVEisGREATERthandementia #LikeMother #LikeDaughter #LikeGranddaughters #LegacyofCaring

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