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My Village Rocks

It's a day that I've had such gratefulness for #MyVillage. A few months ago, I was looking at my carpets and wanted them cleaned. Especially the carpet in #MyFavoriteGirl's room. Having dementia, she's had a few accidents and I cleaned the carpet immediately but wanted to get the carpet deep cleaned. I mentioned to my friend/sister that I was going to go rent a carpet cleaner because I just wanted it cleaned. She asked me when I wanted it done, that she and her hubby would come and do it for me. Fast forward to the next week . . . Doorbell rings and it's my friend/sister. #TheYoungerOne comes into my office to let me know she's here and has brought a carpet cleaner. I'm thinking, did she really go and rent a carpet cleaner for me? WOW! I come out of my office, to the kitchen and no, she didn't rent one for me, she BOUGHT one for me. She knows and understands the accidents that #MyFavoriteGirl has from time to time and simply wanted to help me by gifting me with something I needed to help keep #MyFavoriteGirl's room fresh and clean.

That's LOVE. That's FRIENDSHIP. That's the caliber of people I have in #MYVILLAGE!!! They are the ones who remind me that I'm not in this alone. Today, God reminded me of just how much He loves and is concerned about me by causing me to reflect on the love, care, concern, and just "there" of #MyVillage. I am #SimplyThankful! #SmallBigThings #BigSmallThings #CaregiverLife

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