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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

MOMMA MOMENTS / CAREGIVERS CORNER (Exactly 5:25 AM . . . I'm awakened shortly before this because #MyFavoriteGirl came and started pulling on my door. Glad my alarm was about to go

Here's the real affects of dementia. #MyFavoriteGirl has awakened everyone in the house, except #TheYoungerOne (thankfully she sleeps through most things). My alarm was about to go off so I figured I just had my personal human alarm this morning. Now, not only did she wake up #MyFavoriteGrandma and is sitting on the bed like it's 5:25 PM, she done moved her walker. I get on up and head in the room where they are because #MyFavoriteGrandma is reaching, trying to catch hold of the closet door so she can try and get up. As I get close to the room, #MyFavoriteGirl gets up.

ME (jokingly): Now why are you up waking everybody up?

HER: I didn't wake anybody up. I'm going back in here to get in the bed cause my back hurts (as she goes back in her room and gets in her bed).

ME: 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣

Meanwhile, #MyFavoriteGrandma is trying to get up now.

ME: Grandma, you can lay back down, it's still early.

GRANDMA: Oh, it is? She done came in here and woke me up; she don't do nothing but walk around all night.

ME: It's ok, grandma, let's just lay back down because it's too early to get up.

GRANDMA: It's too early?

ME: Yes ma'am.

GRANDMA: Ok, well I'll lay back down then.

By this time, #MyFavoriteGirl is back in her bed laying down and hasn't a clue that she's even been up. She will never remember this moment again. As quickly as it happened, as quickly it went . . . THIS IS DEMENTIA!

This is just a very mynute aspect of it. The most difficult part of caring for someone with dementia (especially a parent) is watching the affects of it day after day, and there's absolutely nothing you can do. It is the cruelest, most disrespectful disease. It's a robber: it sticks you up and takes what you need most and then leaves you with the inability to even recognize that it's gone. That's mean. It has no care or concern for you or those who love you. It's painful to watch. For those who have been there in Caring (or are there now), you know exactly what I mean. HOW DO I DO IT? I'm a believer in Christ. I find my strength in Him, in His Word, through conversing with Him. I find my strength in His Grace. I have found that His grace really is sufficient enough; it's renewed daily, and it gives me all I need for each day. If you're there and you're struggling to get through the day (and believe me, we ALL do), lean into God's grace. He provides strength for the weary. Ask Him to strengthen you. WHY DO I SHARE OUR JOURNEY? Because I want others on the journey (whatever your lot may be on it) to know that even though this road of Caring can be very lonely, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Because I want those who one day, sooner or later, may find themselves traveling on this road to be prepared but know that YOU CAN DO IT. Because at the end of every day, I want you to be inspired to #KeepGoing #KeepPushing #KeepLoving #KeepCARING. YOU WERE GRACED FOR CARING! I LOVE YOU!!!

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