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YOUR LOVE - Alzheimer's Can't Take That Away From Me!

The past few weeks have been different and I've struggled emotionally because I see how much Alzheimer's has taken away from you, from us. We've had close family members pass away over the past few weeks, Destiny graduated from college, among other things, and it really bothered me that your brain would not allow you to process any of it. It hurt. But, I don't dwell on it! Instead, I choose to hold on to every moment we have, especially the good ones.

I saw this quote, and it resonated with me--out of all this disease has taken away from you, it can't take away your love for me. You may not remember who I am but you constantly tell me how much you love me and appreciate everything I do for you. You're always telling me, "The Lord is gone bless you." Just today (well, yesterday now), you told me, "thank you for taking such good care of me, I love you so much!" LOVE--That's It! LOVE--That's Enough! YOUR LOVE--Alzheimer's can't take away from me!

I love you, Momma! And as long as there is breath in my body, I will always honor and celebrate you! #Chapter79 #MyFavoriteGirl #LoveInReverse

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